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Inspired to build! DIY Built-in Bookcase!

Deux Maison: Inspired to build! DIY Built-in Bookcase! Ana White over at Knock Off Wood has inspired so much creativity in me! I turned what was a closet made T.V. room into an office nook in the girls suite. The transformation was accomplished by using a DIY video demonstration for a built-in bookcase (see here) and tweaking the design a bit. I also moved the already completed farmhouse table turned desk (see here) into the room. You can see the table peeking out on the right. The little closet is now a toy/book storage area as well as a workspace for my two girlees! Details to follow. After the office space was completed, I attempted to create my own version of Ana’s upholstered toddler daybed in twin size!!!!! Can’t wait to share! First the bookcases…. The finished product! Still a wreck needing to be organized & decorated, but you get the idea! Step 1: empty room Step 2: Build bases (I decided to build two separate 4′ wide bookcases instead of an 8′ long one). Step 3: Cover the base Step4, 5,6, 7 and 8:add upright pieces, add top runner on the wall, add top, add shelves and add face trim. To aid in clean up/ ease in preparing for paint, I built the bookcases on flattened paper grocery bags, that way they slipped right out after painting. Showing the face trim being installed. Last step: Added a piece of crown molding to the top to finish it off. Painted primer Painted with trim paint. Not too bad for a weekend project, eh?!