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Cocktails Neon Sign Neon Sign Personalised Neon Sign Custom | Etsy

Cocktails Neon sign which is truly unique and gorgeous in a home bar, kitchen or above your trendy drinks trolley! This cool, funky neon sign is handmade in our workshop, please note this is not the traditional blown neon but a newer more flexible neon light which allows us to create any word or shape. Your sign is created by using 6mm clear acrylic which is as shown in the image. You have the option to add Wall mounts to your order which will include stand off chrome mounts as seen in the image, please note this does not include screws. Please note this does not give off a very bright light during daylight, nor in bright studio lighting, it works brilliantly in low lighting and as a light feature in soft lighting. It is not meant to light a room during daylight hours. The images are taken in low light conditions. Please note the word is cut out from a 600mm by 400mm sheet so measure slightly smaller than this when cut. The sign is operated by a small black battery pack as can be seen from the images. It has a continuous, strobe and blink light function. The batteries can be replaced. Please note when switched on the battery pack does emit a slight whirring sound. This is only noticeable when first switched on. Made From: Acrylic and EL neon wire. Dimensions: Max 600mm by 400mm