15 diy Wedding binder ideas

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Wedding Binder Printables 101

The complete guide to wedding binder printables – whether they are free, or not, we all need some form of printable checklist, schedule, planner and so on to plan out perfect wedding from the start. Some of us have already created a wedding binder since we were teenagers. Some prefer a neat file with pockets. Others create theirs like a scrapbook, with notes and images. Whichever way you choose to showcase your ideas, we urge all brides to start this way. #weddingplanning #weddingbinder #wedding The internet is nearly bursting at the seams with the new ‘printables’ craze. And yet, we have bumped into so many people who still ask us “what, even, is a printable?” Well, read on for some basics about printables, as well as info about wedding binder printables. First of all, you need something