15 diy Storage baskets ideas

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36 DIY Storage Baskets For Organizing Everything

DIY Storage Baskets – Make Storage Bins From Cardboard Boxes – Cheap and Easy Ideas for Getting Organized – Creative Home Decor on A Budget – Farmhouse, Modern and Rustic Basket Projects Baskets are one of my favorite organizing ideas, but having lots of them around requires some thought, since they are a ve3ry noticeable part of my decor. When I first started using baskets to store all sorts of things, I picked up a lot from IKEA. They worked great as a solution, but I quickly tired of seeing the same old boring baskets all over the house, especially those that were displayed in some way. Make your own creative baskets and add some flair to your storage solutions. Try these 35 DIY baskets, complete with step by step tutorials. These