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Adorable (And Simple!) DIY Playroom Tent – Poms2Moms

Adorable (And Simple!) DIY Playroom Tent - Poms2Moms - Adorable (And Simple!) DIY Playroom Tent - Poms2Moms -   15 diy Room easy ideas
Aren’t those little playroom tent teepee’s just ADORABLE… but not necessarily something that would work in your space? Check out this cute AND easy DIY playroom tent – perfect for little girls. #diy #doityourself #diyeverything #playroom #playroomideas #playroomdecor #diykidstent #playroomtent #girlstent #girlsteepee If y’all haven’t figured it out by now I love to write about DIY projects! It is something I am always on the search for and something I just love to share! I get excited about planning for them, doing them, and of course the finished product. But this DIY playroom tent could be one of my FAVORITES so far. I have been slowly updating our playroom. I didn’t want to be a place to collect random toys and always look like Hurricane Aubrey blew through and the team never made it in to rebuild. I wanted it to be girly, neat, organized, and fun! When Aubrey turned ONE we got her the cutest play tent from The Land of Nod! We were all obsessed with it and have wonderful memories playing, reading, snuggling, and sleeping in it! But it was a very unique shape and I could never match all of my decoration to the color pallet. And those are the two problems I have been dealing with in the playroom since we’ve had one; 1.) a good size to fit in the corner of the room 2.) the correct color scheme. Once we decided to part ways with our awesome LofN tent I purchased one of those super super cute white teepee tents from Amazon! It was adorable, but to position it back in the corner to maximize space, the door opened into the couch or into her little kitchen. Neither option was ideal or fitting my design plan. So I sent that back. (Thanks Prime!) One afternoon my neighbor was over and I was explaining to her my dilemma (shout out Laura Edwards!!) She said that there had to be some type of curved PVC pipe that you could buy and mount to each side of the wall and then drape some cute fabric over it. Helloooooo YES!! That was it! After a few days of not finding what I was looking for, a light bulb went off and my genius, SUPER easy idea was born!! Here’s how you can pull off the most adorable (and simple) DIY playroom tent ever! What you need: A curved shower curtain rod Curtains Power Drill No I’m not missing anything. It’s seriously the shortest list ever! Step One Pick out your curved shower curtain rod. Yes, a shower curtain rod! When I thought of this I literally blew my own mind! It is perfect for framing out a corner to maximize play space inside the tent, super sturdy, and has a clean design on the outside! Here is the link to the one I purchased. You have to make sure it isn’t just a tension rod, but one you can mount into your wall. You know your perfect angels will not be gentle with opening and closing their entrance. But you also have to get one that has an adjustable angle to make sure it fits your dimensions. Step 2 Select your curtains. We hung our rod at 84 inches so that we could use 84 inch curtain panels, but you can do whatever fits your space or design. This is the fun and stressful part! I found my curtains that I am absolutely obsessed with and would put in every single room at Home Goods!!! They are soft, bright white, and the ruffle was exactly what I wanted for the space! Step 3 Hang your rod. You want to do this after you have made your decision on material or curtain panels so you are at the correct height. Drew did this in a couple of minutes. Step 4 Once you know that your rod is the appropriate height and is level, hang your curtain panels! Step 5 You would 100% be finished with your DIY playroom tent and your children would love it! But I did a little extra shopping at Target and purchased this cute wreath from my girl, Joanna Gaines’ collection, the fun colorful tassels, and the soft pink furry rug! We threw some pillows and stuffed animals in there too! Step 6 Enjoy! Both of the girls love this space! I want to add some string lights or maybe even a sparkly chandelier, but you will have to check back and see what I decide. ? Have you found a way to jazz up a normally crazy space like a playroom? I’d love to see some pics!