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Royal Sunset Lily Flower Bulbs Purple-Pink easy to grow perennial, will multiply!!

This LA lily is way too spicy to pass up, don’t you think? I quickly sold out of these last year but they are back, better than ever! Now is the time to order this strikingly beautiful lily. With shades of pink, purple and peach it is greatly complemented when planted among other pinks and purples in the garden! Immediate impact in your garden or large container, everyone loves them now here is the opportunity to own them yourself! Note: Color can be different in hot and cold climates; soil types can also play a factor. LA lilies are unique hybrid crosses between Easter and Asiatic lilies! Their brightly colored, 4-5 in, 10-12 cm petals are ‘eye-catching’ to say the least! The flowers are significantly bigger than standard Asiatics so get those cutting shears ready and haul out the vases because you’re going to want to snip a few for your indoor bouquets! Since they can grow to a height of 42 in, 120 cm and dislike dry, hot situations, we suggest planting them in sun or partial shade protected from strong winds. They can, of course, also be planted in containers just keep in mind that they prefer a rather heavy soil with an ample supply of humus and good drainage. Cold hardy, it is suitable down to zone 3! I am offering mature, flowering size bulbs 12/14cm in circumference. Each bulb will flower in your garden this year and will increase for many more years to come. These bulbs do multiply well when happy and are winter hardy in zones 3 to 9. LA ‘Royal Sunset’ lilies grow well in full sun to partial shade and preferably cool, moist, well drained soil. Plant your bulbs as soon as soon as they arrive: 6 inches deep and space them 6 inches apart. Keep soil moist but try not to over water. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I am also on Facebook so you can find me there at dannypleasantgardens. Thank you for looking. I hope you purchase these lilies, you surely won’t regret it!