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13 Fresh Hair Colors to Show Your Stylist This Spring

Spring, we need to have a talk. We know it’s been a hard year for you. We, too, are guilty sometimes of allowing the winter blues to overstay their welcome. We confess that even we have fallen into the habit of hiding under our cozy blankets and have become all-too-comfortable with our skyrocketing gas bills (well, maybe not so much.) Change is scary. But, friend-to-friend, it’s time to come out again. If you’re feeling a little wary of coming out of your shell this year, allow us to go first. Okay? Okay. We’re taking the plunge by livening up our beauty routines, even if that means first dipping our toes in with a highlight here and a layer there. We’re taking cues from professional colorists who are feeling inspired by sunshiney days and beach trips on the horizon. While last year’s buttery blondes and warm, golden “bronde” colors are making reappearance, striking platinums and warm, rich brunettes are taking center stage in 2018—and even a few surprises. Whether you’re feeling a bit daring or are simply anxious to breathe a little life into your locks with sun-kissed babylights sprinkled in here and there, this season’s most striking blends of color will have you ready to roll down the windows and step out into the sunshine before you can say “balayage.”