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Rose Quartz & Pink Crystal Wallpaper Mural | Murals Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a stunning, statement-piece wallpaper mural, the Rose Quartz Wallpaper Mural is a perfect choice, especially if you love the idea of creating a cozy, magical space within your home in which you can relax. ‘Rose Quartz’ is one of the most popular, sought-after Pantone colors in the interior design world, so we decided to take the color trend one step further by creating a wall mural for our ‘blush pink’ collection that displays a realistic image of the rose quartz crystal mineral. This unique pink crystal wallpaper is a guaranteed conversation piece and the soft colors and mesmerising shapes in this design can add brightness and mystery to any room. What’s more, this geode amethyst design will match beautifully with all types of furniture and decor and add an avant-garde, creative edge to your interior design.