11 style Aesthetic hijab ideas

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Style hijab saint laurent 57+ New Ideas

Style hijab saint laurent 57+ New Ideas #styleThese crinkle scarfs come in Ten (10) different unique and beautiful colors. They are soft, lightweight and very easy to tie. Perfect for protective styling. They make for perfect accessories- you can wear them as a neck scarf, or throw over your shoulders as a shawl. Their functionality is unlimited. They do not come pre-tied – I can offer different styles and how to tie them – feel free to contact me or check out my ig-‘findingdeejah’ They come in one size- Square = 180 x 90 cm (70 x 35 inches) Care Instructions – Do not use bleach Hand wash with cold water or machine wash on delicate cycle (Crinkle Scarf, Hijab Scarf, Plain Maxi Headscarf Crimp Scarves, Shawl)